Think Tank, Center for Craft, Asheville

Convening a community of experts to explore and formulate possible futures for craft in an era of digital making

The Center for Craft (previously CCCD) a national nonprofit organization set in Asheville, North Carolina, convenes a curatorial think tank every 2 years. We were privileged to be invited to convene their 14th one, taking their questions about future relationships between craft and (digital) making into future possible environments and formats.

We devised the approach and the format, facilitated the 2-day programme and synthesised the findings into a short form report and accompanying diagram. Which sounds dry until you understand that meant working with the greatest set of richly experienced, long-term committed and irrepressibly boisterous people we’ve come across for some time. It was a fabulous dive into current issues and future possibilities, which left us feeling optimistic about the future for all concerned. Thanks due to the amazing team at Center for Craft. You can now see the results in this neat little publication, which ties in very nicely with our 2016 research report, the Cultural Roles of Makerspaces. More about the Craft Makerspaces Think Tank

What new opportunities do makerspaces provide for craft? what benefits can craft sensibilities bring to the maker movement and makerspaces?
Craft Makerspaces report 2017

Project details

Year: 2017
Client: Center for Craft, Asheville, North Carolina.
Team: Daniel Charny, Dee Halligan, Koby Barhad, Anna Bates.