Open Schooling Hub

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Bringing open schooling to life. The hubs will be a gateway to open schooling where schools become key community actors and students perceive themselves as change makers. More about the Open Schooling hubs

Thanks to this project, I felt more of an educator than a teacher. The teacher teaches and the educator helps students learn. Such a change makes students realize that they are responsible for how much they learn, and that the educator (i.e. I) can help them.
Polish teacher involved with the Make it Open project

Project details

Year : 2021 - 2023
Team: Dee Halligan, Daniel Charny, Chanida Fung, Amy Bicknell, Lea Jagendorf, Minnie Claridge, Marie McDermott and Koby Barhad.
Research partners: Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem, Columbia Transformative Learning Technologies Lab, Copernicus Science Centre, Ecsite, European Schoolnet and Waag.