Our founder directors are supported by a core team of researchers, designers and educators. A network of expert multidisciplinary collaborators provides agility, resilience and diversity, enabling us to produce work that consistently exceeds expectations.

  • Dee Halligan

    Founding director

    Dee leads on Strategy. She is an experienced and skilled creative strategist and consultant, with a reputation for making sense of and finding direction within the most complex of challenges. Her unusual combination of a rational sensibility with complete commitment to creative excellence have equipped her well in past work with Tate, Science Museum and the National Trust. More about Dee  

  • Daniel Charny

    Founding director

    Daniel leads on Creative Direction. An internationally recognised curator and educator with an enquiring mind and an entrepreneurial streak. His wayward curiosity and relentless pursuit of ideas account for his unlikely level of output, including curator of Power of Making, creative director of the international Maker Library Network and his professorial role at Kingston University. More about Daniel

  • Emily Tulloh


    More about Emily

  • Viandira Athia

    Research Assistant

    More about Viandira

  • Lea Jagendorf

    Design education associate

    More about Lea

  • Minnie Claridge

    Schools education associate

    More about Minnie teaching

  • Koby Barhad

    Information design associate

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  • Marie McDermott

    Graphic design associate

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Extended network

Current and past collaborators

We work collaboratively with an extended network of skilled individuals with deep specialisms. This list is extensive and includes: Amy Bicknell, Chanida Fung, Chloe Bird, Gareth Owen Lloyd, Georgina Innes, Maya Alvarado, Emily Ballard, Stuart Bannocks, Justin Boussard, Grace Bremner, Silvia Carletti, Corinna Gardner, Sophia Germani, Nat Hunter, Moira Lascelles, Alon Meron, Devorah Moritz, Johanna Agerman Ross, Veronica Simpson, James Tooze, Putri Trisulo and Tom Wilson.