The Field

A creative community built through meanwhile use at Preston Barracks, Brighton

The Field activation strategy

In 2014, tiring of shallow ‘pop-ups’, ‘meanwhile use’ was maturing as an approach which might support development while distributing benefit beyond the developer. The meanwhile use of the Preston Barracks site in Brighton was not obvious, the site being awkwardly located and invisible behind high walls.

Forth set the strategy for the piece, drawing in local partners and working closely with the developer, U+I, to re-iterate and tailor a version of the something we’d previously developed for them in London as Central Research Labs. We proposed the ‘field’ as a proposition – whether field of dreams or field of play – it went on to become a successful hub for young creatives designing and making physical products and the start of a new phase for the longer term and integrated role of this site.

"FIELD Brighton is an important first step in the longer-term regeneration of the site, helping to incubate businesses that may take space in the final development"

Project details

Year: 2014-2015
Client : Cathedral Group, U+I Plc
Team: Daniel Charny, Dee Halligan, James Tooze, Moira Lascelles.