Institute of Imagination

Moving away from a museum model

Children’s Museum London (CML) asked Heatherwick Studio to develop a conceptual framework for a new attraction in London. Heatherwick Studio invited us to work with them as a joint team. Building on existing work developing the Children’s Museum project for London, we set to develop the foundations for the architectural brief, next stages of content and design development.

A focus on key aspects of the clients vision, rather than the implications of creating a new museum,  brought about the proposal for an institute dedicated to imagination. The mission became to create a place that could have as much meaning for a five year old child as a sixty year old professor.

The vision of the Institute of Imagination, was a continuation of the creative process originated by Children’s Museum London (CML).

The Institute of Imagination is based on the unusual idea of creating a new kind of organisation set up to explore the extraordinary ability of humans to conceive and invent.
Thomas Heatherwick CBE, Founder of Heatherwick Studios

Project details

Year : 2014
Client : Children's Museum London > Institute of Imagination
Partners: Heatherwick Studio
Team : Daniel Charny, Dee Halligan, Justine Boussard