Maker Library Network

A toolkit for creative connections for the British Council

A brief to engage geographically disparate creative communities as part of a temporary programme – Initiated for an exchange between young creatives in South Africa and UK it was subsequently extended for 4 years in 11 countries. 

Forth devised, commissioned and directed a radically new approach: a platform and toolkit for collaboration. The hybrid model of on site and remote peer learning enhanced the particaptors practice and developed new outreach engagement formats that were shared across the newtwork. 

Participants were equipped to create their own small exhibitions and engagement programmes forming an international network and community of practice in the process. More about the Maker Library Network 

Through the Maker Library Network we have been able to have conversations right across the creative/making sectors and mapping craftsmanship and creative talent.
Director, Architecture Design Fashion, British Council, 2017.

Project details

Year: 2013-2017
Client: British Council Architecture Design Fashion and the Connect ZA programme
Team: Daniel Charny, Justine Boussard, Dee Halligan, Nat Hunter, Koby Barhad, Jim Rhodes and Alon Meron.