An open learning framework for schools and universities

Fixperts is an open learning programme, developed and run by Forth, which serves to engage learners, teachers, policy makers and a wider public in the value of channeling creativity for social benefit.

Initiated as an exploration of worthwhile subjects for everyday creativity in 2013, we now hundreds of ‘fix films’ which underpin activity across universities and schools in 26 countries. We’ve been featured in exhibitions, books and Phd studies. We’ve won multiple prizes. In 2021 we were ‘collected’ into the French National Art Collection. Its the project that keeps on giving.

Growing and running Fixperts in house has built our knowledge and skills, exploded our network, and kept us tethered to the joyous frustration that is delivering live projects. More about Fixperts in a dedicated website.

[Fixperts] is a progressive approach to how design can anchor approaches to change in the world
Sir Misha Black Awards

Project details

Year: 2013 ongoing
Client: Self initiated
Team: Daniel Charny, Dee Halligan, Lea Jagendorf, Minnie Claridge, Amy Bicknell, Koby Barhad, Marie McDermott, James Carrigan (co-originator).