A hands-on brain-on summer school programme to inspire and activate the creative problem-solvers of the future

Young people have decreasing opportunities and limited access to experience hands on and project based learning.

We conceived of FixCamp as a programme which would challenge young people to use their creativity and ingenuity applied to the biggest problems of today: Housing, Education, Transport and Living Together. The Royal Academy of Engineering funded it and we delivered it in South London to 300 children in the summer of 2018, who used leather and sticks, laser cutters and 3-d printers to bring their ideas to life.

Everything was done in house, including concept, development, production, logistics and delivery. It stands as one of the most worthwhile things we’ve done. More about FixCamp

In 2021 we trained and licenced The Museum of Making, in the city of Derby, to run an adapted version for their audiences: FixCamp Summer School programme.

The thing about FixCamp, it’s like you’re addicted. Once you’ve done it once you just want more ...
Fix Camper, summer 2018

Project details

Year: 2018
Client : Forth (self initiated).
Team: Dee Halligan, Daniel Charny, Amy Bicknell, Charlie Hurley, Gareth Owen Lloyd and Silvia Carletti. Activity guides: Alex Cunha Brown, David Hood, Adiza Kallom, Josie King, Vishal Mistry. Runners: Rhys Llewellyn, Aidan Knight and Eli Charny.