Designing and Making in schools

“Develop design as a foundational skill woven in to all subjects” is one of four core recommendations for government in a new report by the Design Council. Created by a group of key stake holders, who we were honoured to be part of, the report is responding to the shocking state of design education in schools (such as a 68% decrease in the number of students taking Design & Technology at GCSE level).

The Blueprint for Renewal; is a call to government for a crucial reform of the subject. We are also proud that Fixperts is mentioned as one of the pioneering sector led new approaches to design led learning.


“We have reached a critical time in design education. [...] Design is a uniquely interdisciplinary subject encouraging practical problem solving, collaboration, empathy, and creativity, as well as both critical and analytical thinking. Most importantly, it inspires young people to be curious, to trust their own ideas, and equips them to explore solutions to the world’s biggest problems.” Sir Jonny Ives, D&T Association’s ‘Vision’
Design Council Blueprint for Renewal report June 2024